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Those who visit Lisbon never forget it!
It’s the city of sun, light, river, and fado. The light colors of the buildings and the wide river along the city, make Lisbon to have a unique light that transmits serenity and comfort to the visitors.
Lisbon offers a wide range of restaurants, kiosks, pastries and an excellent cuisine.
The mild climate, even in winter, allows you to enjoy the outdoors. You can choose from some of the many excursions to other places of varied interest about an hour away, such as Ericeira, Mafra, Sintra, etc.


This fishing village is about 25km away from Lisbon, with easy access by train or car.
Portuguese court village since the mid-nineteenth century, was the favorite resort of the royal house, which adds belle époque brushstrokes.
Following the coast line, we come across several beaches much appreciated in summer, where the sea intersects with the river.
It is a village with pedestrian zones that provide visitors with peaceful walks and where they can enjoy the various terraces.


Located 40 km from Lisbon, with easy access to the capital, it is a lively fishing village, with terraces and traditional shops where you can find typical handicrafts and sweets of the area.
It has a long sandy beach coast. Ribeira d´Ilhas beach is considered worldwide one of the best for surfing, where several international championships are held. Gastronomy is greatly appreciated, where fish and shellfish predominate.

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